City of Mountain Breezes
Cleveland, Georgia.

Leak Protection Program

The City of Cleveland has approved a Leak Protection Program for residential homes. This only applies to residential homes and does not cover short-term rentals, commercial or industrial properties. This program will be created with a $2.00 a month fee on all residential accounts. The City will begin issuing the benefits of the program on August 1, 2023, but the program will fee will become effective with the September 2023 billing cycle. 

All monies collected by the City will be dedicated to the leak protection program. The proceeds from the program will be used to pay
claims submitted by residential customers, to provide and purchase leak protection equipment and to build a sustainable fund to develop proactive leak protection for our residential customers.

This program applies to any leaks between the customer's side of the meter and the line entering the home or residence. Please note that anything inside the meter
the home or residence is considered household maintenance issues. Also, water loss due to theft, vandalism or construction damage is not covered under this policy. This program will allow 1 reimbursement per calendar year, and the maximum per instance is $1,000.