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Cleveland, Georgia.

Building Permits

Building Permits
New building permit rates (effective July 1, 2020)


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Do I Need A Permit? 
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A building permit is needed to maintain regulations on public and private structures located within the City.
For the applicant, it is used to learn, understand and follow city, county and/or state building codes.

It is important to note, the Cleveland Building Department permits within the city limits.   White County and the City of Helen permit within their own boundaries.  You will need to contact the Cleveland Building Department if you are within the water and sewer service area of Cleveland.  The water and sewer service area expands outside of the Cleveland city limits.
A building permit outlines the rules and regulations that are expected to be followed by all licensed contractors, including, but not limited to plumbers and electricians, in an effort to build a structure that is safe to occupy.

A building permit is a document containing information concerning construction of a residential or commercial building. Building permits are designed and regulated by municipal authority, which means that your local city officials are in charge of regulating codes and issuing permits.

You can pick up an application for a building permit from the local Permitting Department at City Hall.
It is a common misconception to believe that a building permit is needed only when a building is constructed. Actually, some areas require a building permit when making repairs, improvements or additions to a structure. Doing work without a permit will result in a fine.

Since all areas differ in their rules and regulations of building permits, the following is a list of generalized possible situations that may require a building permit:
When building a detached building such as a storage shed or barn that is less than 70 square feet, you will not need a building permit as long as you can meet the set-back requirements. However, most areas require a permit if that same building is placed on a concrete slab or is designed for running water or electricity.
A building permit is commonly required when tearing down or adding supporting walls.
Building permits are also required when building a porch, deck or in-ground pool.

The City of Cleveland has adopted the following codes:

  • International Building Code, with amendments,  including Chapter 1, Administration;
  • International Residential Code, with amendments and including Chapter 1, Admin;
  • International Plumbing Code,  with amendments and including Chapter 1, Administration;
  • International Mechanical Code,  with amendments and including Chapter 1, Admin;
  • International Fuel Gas Code, with amendments and including Chapter 1, Administration.
  • National Electrical Code, NFPA 70,  with State of Georgia amendments;
  • International Fire Code, with amendments, including Chapter 1, Administration;
  • International Energy Conservation Code,  with Georgia Supplements and Amendments
  • Standard Swimming Pool Code, with amendments, including Chapter 1, Administration.
  • International Property Maintenance Code, with amendments, including Chapter 1, Administration

EPD - Soil and Erosion "Green" Book Cleveland Standard Development Specifications
To view City of Cleveland Building Code Ordinances view Chapter 10 with this link.
A Standard Development Specifications book is available for purchase - $25.00. The specifications address the requirements of roads, water, sewer, etc. If you wish to receive a copy of the specifications, please contact

Standard Development Specifications
Setback requirements per zoning classification

For businesses - Grease Trap Permit Application (also for sand traps)