City of Mountain Breezes
Cleveland, Georgia.

Fire Department

Cleveland, GA Fire Department  FIRE DEPT LOGO

Mission Statement

Committed to providing a superior level of emergency service and to continually improve the quality of life, health and safety of the Citizens of Cleveland.

The City of Cleveland operates a combination fire department containing 23 full-time, part-time, and volunteer firefighter's that provide 24 hour coverage for the citizens and visitors of Cleveland and White County. We currently operate out of 1 station located at Cleveland City Hall that houses 3 fire engines, 1 state certified rescue unit, and 1 ladder truck. Our last ISO rating was in 2013 and we currently hold an ISO class 5 rating from the Insurance Safety Office.

Our paid firefighter's as well as volunteer's can be called upon to perform a wide range of duties, from speaking to elementary school classes to providing medical assistance at the scene of an emergency.

All of our firefighter's are medically trained and currently hold an EMT-First Responder level training or higher. We also have several EMT-Advanced and EMT-Paramedics.

Firefighter's must be in good physical condition, able to lift and carry heavy loads, climb stairs and ladders, drag fire hoses and carry unconscious individuals for extended periods of time. Many times, the physical requirements of the job must be performed wearing a heavy full-body suit as well.

In addition to physical requirements, firefighter's must be able to think and respond quickly in stressful and dangerous situations. Firefighter's must maintain a thorough knowledge of all relevant procedures and operations, and must be able to make quick decisions independently in crisis situations.

A volunteer can find himself performing a wide range of duties as needed by the fire department. The main duty of a volunteer is to respond quickly to emergency calls from dispatch and reporting to the scene as quickly as possible. Other responsibilities include providing emergency medical services in the field, assisting with fire code inspections and maintaining various apparatus at the fire station.

Rescue 11 stationed in the City of Cleveland have met all the requirements set forth the by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA).

In issuing the certifications Ed Westbrook State Training Director for GEMA said in a letter to White County Public Safety/EMA Director David Murphy, “ you, your local government officials and your organization are to be commended for fulfilling the requirements for license.”

Director Murphy said, this provides great tools to serve the citizens of White County, “it reassures the public that those vehicles are equipped with the necessary items and tools to rescue someone from a vehicle, trapped in a vehicle, or have the equipment available for search and rescue operations and things of that nature, “ said Murphy.