City of Mountain Breezes
Cleveland, Georgia.

Mayor & City Council


Mayor & Council

Mayor Josh Turner

Josh Turner was elected June 9, 2020.  The City held a Special Election to fill the vacant seat of Mayor after the resignation of Shan Ash.

Council Member Ward 1 – Nan Bowen

Nan Bowen started her term to represent Ward 1 in 2016.  Ms. Bowen ran unopposed in 2019 and began her second term as Council Member Ward 1.

Council Member Ward 2 – Annie Sutton

Annie Sutton ran unopposed in 2023 to fill the vacant seat of Ward 2 after the resignation of Rebecca Yardley.

Council Member Ward 3 - Jeremy McClure

Jeremy McClure won the November 2, 2021 election for the City Council Seat Ward 3 and took office on January 1, 2022. 

Council Member Ward 4 – CJ McDonald

CJ McDonald won the November 2, 2021 election for the City Council Seat Ward 4 and took office January 1, 2022.

City of Cleveland Organizational Chart


Notable Officials Of The Past

Ed Head – served as a City Council Member Ward 2 from 1946 through 2000. A total of 54 years as a public servant to the citizens of Cleveland.

Margaret Dixon - served as the City's 1st female Mayor.  Mrs. Dixon was elected Mayor through a Special Election after the passing of her husband Clyde Dixon.  Mayor Clyde Dixon passed away during his term as Mayor.  The City held a Special Election and in August 1980, Mrs. Dixon won the seat by 8 votes (200-192) according to the minutes of August 11, 1980.  Mrs. Dixon served as Mayor from August 1980 through December 1981.

John Palmour served as City Council Member Ward 4 from 1970 until he decided to retire in 2006.  Mr. Palmour was a hands-on Council Member who made himself available to oversee the city's infrastructure projects.

Edith Huff – served as the first female Council Member for Cleveland. 

Mayor Donald Stanley - Mayor Stanley served the citizens of Cleveland from 1982 until his retirement in 2015.  Mayor Stanley will always be known as the Mayor with the fore site to improve the city's infrastructure for businesses to locate within the city.  Mayor Stanley was very frugal with city funds and made sure every project was worth every penny spent.  Mayor Stanley is also known for his compassion and seeing about local citizens from fixing roofs, scraping snow, paying utility bills, etc.  

Rush Mauney - was elected for Council Member Ward 1 through a Special Election in 1996 when Council Member Coleman Allen resigned from office. Mr. Mauney served from 1996-2015 and is still a viable business owner within the Northeast Georgia Mountains.   Mr. Mauney played an integral part in the planning and zoning in the city limits.

Edward Young - has served the citizens of Cleveland since 1970 and recently retired his seat.  His long accomplished term ended December 1, 2017.

Mayor  Council alt_BOYD

Former Mayor Don Stanley (sitting) L to R, Rush Mauney, Bradley Greene, Edward Young and Annie Sutton (and a random dog) :)

Edward Young retires from City Council
Edward Young, City Council Member - Ward 3, decided to retire in 2017.
Mr. Young took office in 1970 and dedicated 47 years of public service to the citizens of Cleveland.  During his time in office, Mr. Young was instrumental in the development and improvement's to the city's infrastructure.
Ed clevelandcitychristmasparty-76 - Copy - Copy

2016 Annie - elected official of the year - Copy

Ms. Annie receiving one of her many awards during her tenure as council member for Cleveland.  This award was given to Ms. Annie from GMA for Best Elected Official in District 2

Ward 2 – Annie Sutton

Annie Sutton is the first African-American woman elected in the City of  Cleveland. Ms. Sutton, elected in 2000, beat out long term Council Member Ed Head for the Ward 2 Council Seat.
Ms. Sutton resigned her seat on January 27, 2020 to qualify and run for Mayor.  
Ms. Sutton received all available certifications from the Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute:  Certificate of Recognition; Certificate of Achievement; Certificate of Excellence; Certificate of Distinction; and Certificate of Dedication.  Ms. Annie completed over 300 hours of training and continuing education in government.

Mayor Roy "Shan" Ash, III                                                                                                              
Upon the retirement of Mayor Don Stanley, Shan Ash won a competitive mayoral race and began his term in January 2016. During his years of service, the City expanded the water infrastructure by constructing a new water tank on Underwood Farm Road and receiving an Appalachian Regional Commission grant to expand the water distribution along 
2017 mayor and council historic courthouse Hulsey Road. Mayor Ash guided the initiation of the waste water treatment plant expansion to meet the environmental standards and for future growth. Mayor Ash served the City through December 31, 2019.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Back L to R: Former Council Member Edward  Young, Bradley Greene, Kevin Stanley 
Front L to R: Nan Bowen, Mayor Ash, Annie Sutton (2017)