City of Mountain Breezes
Cleveland, Georgia.

Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning

Service Statement

Plan for growth while preserving community values and increasing our environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The purpose of the Cleveland Planning and Zoning Board and the Mayor and City Council is to apply best practices to 1) ensure efficient land use, development and growth management, 2) ensure compliance with city policies and standards and 3) provide the public with information and assistance.

Why do we have zoning?

Zoning helps protect landowners from the impacts of incompatible land uses on adjacent properties. Communities can also use zoning to provide transition between dissimilar land uses such as commercial, industrial, and residential. This helps provide direction for future development and the extension of public services that must accompany that growth.

What uses are allowed in my district?

If you have a question regarding a specific use for your property, call Cleveland City Hall. To determine all the allowed uses in your district, you will need a copy of the Cleveland Zoning Ordinance. This will also provide you with the minimum development standards (setbacks, minimum lot width, etc.) that must be observed. You can obtain a copy by visiting the department or go to .

How do I change my zoning district?

You must first apply for a zoning change. You may pick up a application packet from city hall or print from the list of forms below.

Once you have applied, two public hearings will be scheduled for the zoning change request. The Planning and Zoning Board Chairman will advertise the meetings in the legal section of the White County News Telegraph. Zoning signs will be placed at the proposed site advertising the zoning request and the date of the meetings.

The Cleveland Planning and Zoning Board will hold the first hearing. This meeting is typically held on the fourth Thursday of the month. At this hearing, you should provide the most information that you have available of the proposed development, including drawings and written proposals. The Planning and Zoning Board will review the application and proposal and accept comments, opposed or unopposed, on the zoning change. The Planning and Zoning Board will make a recommendation to deliver to the Mayor and City Council.

The Mayor and City Council will hold the second public hearing, review the proposal, accept public comments, and consider the recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Board. A decision is usually made at this meeting or can be postponed for further information. That is why it is important to provide as much information as possible at the beginning. This meeting is scheduled on the second Monday, of the following month, after the Planning and Zoning Board meeting.

What do I need to apply?

The Permitting and Licensing Department can supply you with a checklist of items that will assist you in the application process. You will need to furnish the property's tax map and parcel number or its complete legal description, a copy of the last recorded deed, written authorization of the property owner for you to pursue the zone change, and the applicable fees. The Permitting and Licensing Department can advise you of the fees. The phone number is (706) 865-2017.