City of Mountain Breezes
Cleveland, Georgia.



City Administrator

The City Administrator is selected and appointed by the mayor and city council. He or she shall be responsible to the mayor and city council for the administration of all city affairs placed in his or her charge. Some of the duties required of the City Administrator: (not to be considered all inclusive)

Direct and supervise the administration of all departments
Attend and take part of all council meetings by reporting the operations of city departments and make recommendations concerning the affairs of the city
Submit annual operating budget and advise of financial conditions

Kevin Harris is the City Administrator for Cleveland.

City Clerk

The duty of the City Clerk is to attend all meetings of the council, keep a careful and accurate record of its proceedings, carefully collect all revenues due the city except such as the ordinances require to be collected by some other officer and to faithfully account for the same. Other duties are furnish to the Mayor and Council and the City Administrator such information as may be requested by any of them, open his or her books at any time to any citizen of the city requesting to see the same, and perform such other duties as may be required of him or her by the mayor and City Council.
The mayor and council appoint the city clerk annually and it is not an elected position.

The City Clerk is Lisa A. Ritchie.

City Finance

The duty of the Finance Officer is to develop and administer financial policies and procedures, plans, organizes, and manages all financial accounting, revenue collections, payroll, cash management, and purchasing for the City.

Ensures compliance with all federal, state and local laws concerning the City's financial business. Monitors various funds and provides monthly reports to Mayor and Council. Maintains accounts of all municipal financial transactions, maintains, and monitors the cash flow of the City. Prepares various financial reports in a timely manner, internally and externally.

The  City Finance Officer is John Solmon.