City of Mountain Breezes
Cleveland, Georgia.

Audits and Budgets

The Mayor and City Council are tasked with providing a balanced budget for the operations of all city departments.  The City of Cleveland's budget year is July 1 through June 30.
Public hearings are held to give the opportunity for public comments before the budget is adopted by the Mayor and City Council.


2019/2020 Budget

2018/2019 Budget

2017/2018 Budget

2016/2017 Budget   

2016/2017 budget amendment

2019 Tax Digest and 5-Year History of Levy

The City hires an independent auditor to conduct a annual audit of the city's finances.
The results of financial and compliance audits can help elected and appointed officials in their decision-making roles.  An audit will insure the city is legally compliant.  An audit also may point the way to constructive changes that benefit the city and its officials.


2018/2019 Audit

2017/2018 Audit

2016/2017 Audit

2015/2016 Audit