New Mayor and Council sworn in

Council Member Elect Nan Bowen and Annie Sutton perform the "Cutting of the Tie" ceremony on Mayor Elect Shan Ash

The City of Cleveland wishes to welcome Mayor Elect Shan Ash and Council Member Elect Nan Bowen to our team.  The City is also very pleased to announce Council Member Annie Sutton will continue to hold her seat for Ward 2.

The elected officials were sworn in by Judge Garrison Baker on December 14, 2015.  The effective date for the start of each of their four-year term is January 1, 2016.

Mayor Elect Shan Ash is a life-time resident and co-owner of Ash Brothers Mill.  Council Member Elect Nan Bowen grew up in White County and recently returned to Cleveland a year and a half ago.  Ms. Bowen is a school teacher.  Council Member Elect Annie Sutton is a life-time resident and is a supervisor at Ingle's. 

After the oaths were administered, Council Members Annie Sutton and Nan Bowen performed the traditional “Cutting of the Tie” on Mayor Elect Shan Ash.  The “Cutting of the Tie” is an old ceremony to symbolically cut the ties from special interest groups or parties that may interfere with governing fairly.