Mayor & Council

Mayor Roy "Shan" Ash, III

Mayor Ash started his term as Mayor in 2016.

Ward 1 – Nan Bowen

Nan Bowen started her term to represent Ward 1 in 2016.

Ward 2 – Annie Sutton

Annie Sutton is the first African-American woman elected in the City of Cleveland. Ms. Sutton, elected in 2000, beat out long term Council Member Ed Head for the Ward 2 Council Seat.

Ward 3- Edward Young

Edward Young has served the citizens of Cleveland since 1970.

Ward 4 – Bradley Greene

Bradley Greene took office in 2006 in a contested race. Mr. Greene decided to run for office when Council Member John Palmour decided not to run for Ward 4 Council Seat.

Notable Officials Of The Past

Ed Head – served as a City Council Member Ward 2 from 1946 through 2000. A total of 54 years as a public servant to the citizens of Cleveland.

John Palmour served as City Council Member Ward 4 from 1970 until he decided to retire in 2006.City of Cleveland, GA City Council and Mayor

Edith Huff – served as the first female Mayor for Cleveland.

Mayor Donald Stanley - Mayor Stanley served the citizens of Cleveland from 1982 until his retirement in 2015.

Rush Mauney - was elected for Council Member Ward 1 through a special election in 1996 when Council Member Coleman Allen resigned from office.  Mr. Mauney served from 1996-2015 and is still a viable business owner within the community.



Former Mayor Don Stanley (sitting) L to R, Rush Mauney, Bradley Greene, Edward Young and Annie Sutton